Starship Valentine

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Space Just Got A Lot Sexier…

Starship Valentine was first performed at Smock Alley’s Scene and Heard Festival 2019. The show follows the misadventures of a crew of Vietnam draft dodgers in 1971 who hijack a rocket and take to space in order to avoid the war, only to find themselves caught up in an even bigger space war tat can only be ended if they can teach an alien race how to love.

Original Cast

Amelia McConville as Stevie Flixer

Sam Killian as Heinz Bienz

Sorcha FitzGerald as Prof. Felicity Foxglove

Jimmy Kavanagh as Private Ladie

Ciara Berkeley as C.L.I.M.A-X

Robbie Doyle as Dr Richard Gasm DDS

And Freya Gillespie as Ouuh

Original Crew

Director - Paul Miller

Production Manager - Julie Duffy

Set & Costume Design - Freya Gillespie with Jack Scott Shanley

Lighting Design - Ferdy Emmet

Producers - Signe Lury & Doris de Vries

Sound Design & Original Composition - Sam Killian

Poster Art - Jimmy Kavanagh

Poster Design - Robbie Doyle

Written by Jimmy Kavanagh, Robbie Doyle and Sam Killian