Duffy After Dark

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It’s Ratings Night Baby!

Join legendary talk show host Julie Moses Duffy at the taping of her late night show, Duffy After Dark with Julie Duffy!

On the biggest ratings night of the television year, Duffy is sure to rake in the viewers with her very special guest and the greatest musician of all time, Adam Levine!! However, in a mysterious turn of events, Levine is murdered backstage, and it's up to Julie to find out who did it... LIVE ON TELEVISION!

Was it one of her esteemed guests? A member of her incompetent crew? Or perhaps one of the nutty musicians in the craziest house band you've ever seen? There's only one way to find out: tune in to DUFFY AFTER DARK!

Duffy After Dark was performed as part of DU Players Rúin Festival

Original Cast

Julie Moses Duffy - Julie Duffy

Jimmy Kavanagh - Wayne Storm

Darius Dark & The Twilight Blood Pact

Sam Killian - Darius Dark

Eoin Potts - Lyle Murderhands

Freya Gillespie - Clusterfuck

Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng - Ping

Robbie Doyle - Dave The Intern

Ellen Finnerty - Mayor Wolfe The Werewolf

Benedict Esdale - Sheldon Snoot

Ferdy Emmet - M.J. Creeps

Featuring Aoife Daly & Martha Knight

With Jennifer Aust as Mrs Storm

And William Dunleavy as TV Executive